Eunice & Oliver embroidery kit, this week's BEST SELLER

Thank you to Etsy for choosing my Eunice & Oliver embroidery kit as an Editor's Pick! I have a lot of these little darlings going out in the mail this week as a result. I know it has always been one of my favorites, and I have had beginner and seasoned embroiderers alike write and tell me how much fun it is to complete. It always makes me so happy to hear your feedback, as I use it to continually improve on my offerings. 

I am in the process of designing a new kit style, and hopefully it will be one you will enjoy as much as I do! A bit of a hint, it is a kit without an embroidery hoop, but will still be something to hang on the wall. Hmmmm, more to come!

Site Construction

Hello! I am in the midst of a bit of website construction, so please bare with me.

As many of you know, Etsy has changed the way we view our shops online, and the new look has lit a little fire under my butt to rework some things in my shop that I was not all together thrilled with. And now that my Easter rush in my candy shop is over, it happens to be the most perfect time to delve into these changes and improve my embroidery offerings and business for the better. 

I will admit, I had a small struggle getting the initial desire up to make these changes, and my creativity had dipped into the abyss and was extremely hard to fish out....but, alas, as the sun never fails to eventually make its appearance, even under the harshest of winters, creativity will always resurface! Much like love, creativity is a light that connects our souls and allows us to see the exceptional in the mediocre, the extraordinary in the mundane, and the exquisite in the norm.

Here's to love & creativity...and to the love of creativity!