Valentine's Day inspired kits now available in the shop!

Valentine's day is my favorite season/holiday. It screams of sweet setiment and darling pink and white decor and delicious treats.

Being in the midwest we break out of the winter hum drums and are suddenly hit with our first sign of spring and, candy, hearts...What could be better?

I designed these 3 kits with that in my heart...that ultimate feeling of love and sweet setiment, and I believe they are truly adorable:)

And, just in case you are one of the individuals who might believe that Valentine's Day is a simple ploy to sell candy and cards...I want to share with you something I wrote last year at this very time. Owning a candy store I felt a need to defend my favorite day!

Just a thought:

I laugh when customers come into my candy shoppe and complain about Valentine's Day, saying it is a "Hallmark holiday". Well, actually the story of Valentine is pretty remarkable. He lived in Rome during the third century where they were plagued with a tyrant for an Emporer (hmm...anyway). 

  The Emperor wanted a huge army to do his evil bidding and made it illegal for couples to marry thinking this would aid in young gents joining his fight. Valentine found this preposterous, and would marry couples in secret night he was caught and imprisoned.

  The punishment? death!

  While awaiting execution Valentine's heart opened even wider as many young folks threw flowers and notes to him remarking they too believed in love. And, there was one fair maiden that visited Valentine more and more often. 

The last note he ever penned was to her and he signed it, 'Love, Your Valentine" on the day of his death, February 14th, 278. Now, I may be mistaken, but I do not think there was a Hallmark shop anywhere near by.

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